Our Business Philosophy

At NXT Home Realtors, we believe that listing and selling real estate today on the MLS does not require a Seller to pay a 6% commission. We also believe that in today’s information age, the role for a traditional agent has changed and will continue to change as the internet powers more of our daily lives. It is true that the fee paid by the Seller is negotiable; however, a traditional real estate agent will still try to convince you, the Seller, that the amount of effort they are going to expend trying to find a buyer requires that they get a 6% (more or less) commission upon the sale of the home.

Here is a fact to consider before you pay another high real estate commission:

90% or more of all buyers find a property by one of three methods:

  1. MLS Listing – An agent working with a buyer sees the property on their local MLS and decides to show your home to their buyer, or
  2. REALTOR.com Listing – A buyer sees the property on the REALTOR.com website and calls an agent and requests to see the property,
  3. Yard Sign – The Buyer drives by the property while scouting a neighborhood in which they would like to live and based on ‘curb appeal’ decides that they want to see the property, and then calls an agent to show it to them.

As a result of the power of the internet, the day of a buyer finding a home through a newspaper advertisement, open house, or a direct mail campaign has gone away. The vast majority of homes that are sold are sold because of your local MLS listing, a high level of internet exposure, and your yard sign.

Listing your home on the MLS also allows your home to show up on a large number of websites where the MLS information is displayed. The most highly visited real estate website of all is REALTOR.com. Listing you home on the MLS automatically places your home on the REALTOR.com website. Local real estate companies also retrieve information from the MLS system and display it on their own websites. When we list your home on the MLS it is automatically displayed on hundreds of local real estate company websites…thus maximizing your exposure to every buyer and every real estate company!

Because of the newest trends in the market place, and the growing sophistication of buyers, NXT Home has developed two unique listing programs that offer Sellers the most cost effective way of selling their home and the highest level of representation and expertise. NXT Home Realtors uses a combination of advanced, interactive, web-based, database technologies and traditional services to provide the most cost effective real estate marketing service in the nation.

The NXT Home Realtors FULL Service listing programs are easy to use, can save you a lot of money, and gives YOU control over the sales process. At NXT Home, we know that buyers and sellers what control of their process and that is what our system gives you…Control! If you have any questions please call me directly at 214-762-9245.

Robert Blackman – President
NXT Home Realtors, LLP